Harlem Yu shirt control whirlwind tears   out of control; exposure students versus single – people.com.cn entertainment channel, people.com.cn this Friday, Harlem Yu opened the five strong team to compete in the tournament. This can be called China’s new song, the history of the most abuse of the duel, so home tutor Harlem Yu turned serious face.JPG. The old urchin has always advocated easily changed style, become care-laden. Even emotional, tears in the recording scene, I believe this move certainly stunned other instructors. Want to ask what happened to Harlem Yu? Tonight, he will join Wang Feng, with exclusive guest video chat "Tencent" big honey, want to know to ask yourself. Harlem Yu as a funny song sound four instructors play, why to their home court, not a joke not talking piece! "The lady", became the tears also contracted? It is reported that, because, Harlem Yu put the youngest students into a group of two. When the students finished singing, Harlem Yu began feeling youth gone for ever, and that this is the life he can’t play. In the two "daughter" in the two election, Harlem Yu became intertwined, make choices will return to seat herself. A few of them, old men still could not inhibit the body of the prehistoric stage tears, cry red eyes. I believe fans look, will be distressed! Mavis Fan side of the whole process is also very busy, to give useful advice to Harlem Yu, but also responsible for wiping tears comfort. Tonight, Harlem Yu agreed to go sensational route. An opening on the bottom of the tears, the first expression of the students to choose their own thanks, saying that this life has not been the first, in the "new Chinese song," the stage is difficult to win, the choice of students is trust. We should boldly, laughing and playing music, because hip-hop is an attitude. Also said a very ambiguous words, blind selection is because of passion, battle is because of understanding and break up. Harlem Yu and students can be described as deep love, the original sister wanted to make him happy, ease the atmosphere. But Harlem Yu said heavy is respect for the students. "China’s new song" in the Tencent video broadcast, the penguin every week for users to prepare exciting content, planning the various surprises in the program line. 21:10-23:00 tonight, the game’s assessment of the main mentor Harlem Yu will join hands with the exclusive guest of the big honey chat, Wang Feng. And the users of the McCain music related things. The five match was born, Harlem Yu and Wang Feng to hear what voice? The sound of duel how startling step by step, it is called "the history of the child heart? Harlem Yu and Mavis Fan fit will create what "not the old myth"? In the face of tears teammates, three instructors will give comfort? More "China’s new song" exciting content, in the Tencent video. 21:10 tonight, invite you to dry up with music! (commissioning editor Jiang Bo and Li Yan)相关的主题文章: