Henan Nanyang two police grab a ticket dispute cited police reported two people were suspended – Beijing Beijing in November 13 Nanyang Xinhua (Liu Peng) for network transmission Henan Nanyang two traffic police triggered fierce dispute to grab a ticket, the local police 12 evening bulletin said the two officers involved have been stopped to perform their duties, and ordered to make a profound examination. The above two police officers on duty dispute event, exposure to a short period of 1 minutes of video released by the user on the 11. The video shows that when a police officer with a young man sitting in the cab of the police officers suspected of causing a verbal dispute due to check the car ticket. Young police officer said, you open your (ticket), I open my, who can stop (illegal vehicles) who is the ability, who does not affect who, the task is completed." The police also said that by maxing led by force, if not to go back to get a ticket. The dispute, police in the police told the car of the young officers say the last time somewhere on duty, young officers also came to a fine, which they did not answer. The conversation between the car, police officers with foul language. In view of the network video, Henan Nanyang traffic police department issued 12 evening bulletin said, informed of this information network, traffic management detachment Nanyang Municipal Public Security Bureau attaches great importance to the investigation team immediately set up an investigation and verification of the event. After investigation, 11 on the morning of 11 pm, sixth duty motorized Brigade squadron of Wang et al and second service brigade three squadron Yan et al in the vicinity of Nanyang Xinchen road and Riverside Road intersection on duty in the process of verbal conflict, some words and deeds by the masses after recording a video uploaded to the internet. When the police act of misconduct, vulgar language, expression is wrong, caused public misunderstanding, affecting the image of police. In this regard, the Nanyang Municipal Public Security Bureau Traffic Management detachment has been stopped for someone to perform duties, ordered to make a profound examination. At the same time, this event has informed all the police service, by analogy, strictly regulate law enforcement behavior, to prevent such incidents from happening again. 12 evening, Nanyang traffic police propaganda department, a person in charge told reporters that the Department of the above sanctions by the Department of the video in the case of two police officers. He also said that thanks to all walks of life in Nanyang public security traffic management support and supervision. (end)相关的主题文章: