Hubei Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection: officials are not allowed to participate in any form with color entertainment news Sohu – Hubei daily news (reporter Yang Hongbin) recently a party cadres for work time with color entertainment punishment. That is not to say that the leading cadres in the time outside of work can go to the public places with color entertainment? The answer was No. Last night, the provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection issued a "case which can not step on the red line every Monday" sixteenth period, one of the leading cadres rest time in public places with color cards were also punished. This period "every Monday which can not step on the red line case" is a story: last September 20th (Sunday) 21 PM, Central Hospital of county Party Secretary and president Yu Moumou and classmates, colleagues and other 4 people in hospital after dinner in the county in a hotel room with color mahjong, make unannounced visits to the County Public Security Bureau personnel discovered and verified on the spot. County Commission for Discipline Inspection decided to give Yu Moumou warning within the party. The case analysis pointed out that the provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection, Yu Moumou as the leading cadres of the party, although in the rest time, but participation with color entertainment in public places, in violation of the "CPC Hubei Provincial Committee on strengthening the general leadership and leading cadres style building views" (hereinafter referred to as the "opinions") the relevant provisions, is a discipline violations according to the relevant provisions of the discipline, should be given disciplinary punishment. Provincial Discipline Inspection Commission stressed that the "opinions" clearly stipulates that the prohibition of leading cadres involved in any form with color entertainment. Any form here "with color entertainment activities include: work time" Party cadres with color entertainment; leading cadres rest time and management or service objects with color entertainment; Party members and cadres in public places with color entertainment; other "entertainment color". Provincial Discipline Inspection Commission stressed that during the Spring Festival, relatives appropriate recreational activities of the leading cadres of the party but no ground for blame, in public places with color cards, not only a violation of Party members and cadres behavior, damage to the party members and cadres of the image, but also undermined the social atmosphere. Leading cadres of Party members should always be vigilant and consciously take the lead in leading an example of new trends in the society.

湖北省纪委:禁止官员参与任何形式“带彩”娱乐-搜狐新闻  湖北日报讯 (记者杨宏斌)近来常有党员干部因工作时间“带彩”娱乐受处分。那么,是不是说领导干部在工作之外的时间就可以到公共场所“带彩”娱乐呢?答案是否定的。   昨晚,省纪委发布“每周一案 哪些红线不能踩”第16期,一名领导干部休息时间在公共场所“带彩”打牌也受到处分。   本期“每周一案 哪些红线不能踩”讲述:去年9月20日(星期日)21时许,某县中心医院党委书记、院长余某某及同学、医院同事等4人晚餐后在该县一酒店房间“带彩”打麻将,被县公安局暗访人员当场发现并查实。县纪委经研究决定给予余某某党内警告处分。   省纪委剖析此案时指出,余某某作为党员领导干部,虽然是在休息时间,但在公共场所参与“带彩”娱乐活动,违反了《中共湖北省委关于加强换届后领导班子和领导干部作风建设的意见》(以下简称《意见》)相关规定,属顶风违纪,应按相关纪律规定给予其党纪处分。   省纪委强调,《意见》明确规定,禁止领导干部参与任何形式的“带彩”娱乐活动。这里的任何形式的“带彩”娱乐活动主要包括:党员干部工作时间“带彩”娱乐问题;领导干部休息时间与管理或服务对象“带彩”娱乐问题;党员干部在公共场所“带彩”娱乐问题;其他“带彩”娱乐问题。   省纪委强调,春节期间,亲属之间进行适当的娱乐活动本无可厚非,但是党员领导干部在公共场所“带彩”打牌,不仅违反了党员干部行为规范,损害了党员干部的形象,更败坏了社会风气。党员领导干部应时刻警醒,自觉带头做引领社会新风正气的表率。相关的主题文章: