Jewelry-Diamonds Every girl has a dream of becoming a bride especially if the right person comes along. Wedding is not only one of the most awaited and cherished moments of ones life but also a memorable celebration of love and harmony. However, engagement is said to be a beautiful inning of your life, as diamonds are forever, so its the perfect gift for this romantic occasion. The exchange of diamond rings really inculcates a feeling of true bonding between the hearts of couples. Nowadays, three stone diamond engagement rings is a popular choice for engagement. The unique pattern of three stone rings is meaningful as well, shows a commitment for past, present and future. If you are looking for the best ring that will express your true emotion towards your beloved, cushion cut diamond ring is an ultimate choice for you. Its also known as pillow cut ring because of the shape of diamond. Additionally, it is also available in varieties of cuts like oval, square or rectangle but still has rounded corners. This ring is extremely romantic, gives extra sparkle and wonder. Usually it has 60 facets so its also known as candlelight diamond as when we bring that ring near candle light it releases a brilliance. Cushion cut ring shows softer brilliance because of larger facets. When you are buying an engagement ring for your beloved, its extremely important to keep in mind the choice of the bride-to-be as well. For women having skin allergies, platinum engagement ring is the right choice, as its hypoallergenic and pure metal, would not cause skin irritation. These days, people prefer platinum engagement ring as its extremely durable and has a bright true appearance. This ring is well known for its breathtaking shine that reflects brilliance and sparkle on the gemstone. It gives a soothing elegance and well suited with all types of brides outfits. Nowadays the market is flooded with online retailers that offer a wide range of diamond jewelry pieces at highly reasonable rates. These designer jewelry pieces are carefully crafted and beautifully designed by master craftsman. However, for diamond jewelry shopping, one must opt for a reliable online store. Solitaire engagement rings have a solitary stone on a simple yet elegant metal band. Diamond is a popular choice for this ring; however you can also get these rings with ruby, emerald, tanzanite and sapphire. Choosing the right setting is very important as an apt setting will enhance the beauty of a ring. A prong setting is made up of thin metal claw which prop up the stone and thin sheet of metal surround the stone. However, the bezel setting enhances the diamond to appear larger and give more protection. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: