Jobs welding a motherboard has sold 5 million 450 thousand yuan had caused the attention of apple Apple-1 computer auction finally came to an end, the final transaction price of $815 thousand, or about 5 million 450 thousand yuan, creating a new record of the product sale. At the end of the auction, someone offered $1 million 200 thousand, but withdrew before the auction ended. This is called "Celebration" (Celebration Edition) of the computer is not a strict set of systems, but only a green motherboard, never open, does not belong to any product line. In fact, it is the prototype of the Apple-1 computer, the material and quality are much stronger than the actual product. Although it has been more than 40 years, but it still can be activated after power on, players can use its own DIY to assemble an apple machine. The most critical is that, according to Apple co-founder Wozniak’s argument, this board can be determined by the basic self welding of the assembly of Jobs himself, to commemorate the extraordinary value. The owner of the motherboard was in 2000 to spend $18 thousand to buy it, which is the prevailing market.相关的主题文章: