Most people drink lemonade right bubble method right wrong method: 1, lemon lemon with a stiff brush to wash, put in the fridge for 2 hours. 2, after the removal of sections (each lemon cut to 15 ~ 20), in a closed container. 3, add appropriate amount of honey (according to personal preferences), add cold flooded lemon piece, covered containers, refrigerated in a refrigerator. 4, the next day took 2 tablets with warm boiling water, so you can put lemon rich VC out. 1 lemon drink for about 1 weeks. Often drink can reduce the probability of occurrence of dark spots, freckles, skin whitening. It also has calcium, slimming effect. More importantly, lemon is a magical product to kill cancer cells. It is ten thousand times stronger than chemotherapy. Its taste is good, and no side effects. It affects cysts and tumors. This plant is a proven remedy for all types of cancer chemotherapy drug doxorubicin products than the world usually used in chemotherapy ten thousand times better, it slows the growth of cancer cells. More surprising is that this type of therapy with lemon extract, only destroys malignant tumor cells, does not affect the healthy cells! Free yourself to drink lemonade, a lemon about to add 1000cc or 2000cc water, according to personal preference, acidity, their distribution, can not add sugar don’t sugar, health and beauty advice lemonade. The efficacy of lemon: Lemon warm, bitter, non-toxic, has the function of thirst Sheng Jin, Qu Shu tocolysis, dredging stagnation, stomach pain and etc.. Diuretic, regulating vascular permeability, swelling and puffiness for mm. Smokers should eat lemon, because they need vitamin C is 2 times that of the non-smokers. Lemon is low in calories, and has a strong contraction, so as to reduce the fat, weight loss medicine. Lemon can prevent atherosclerosis and reduce blood viscosity. Hot lemon juice and honey is very effective for the treatment of bronchitis and pharyngitis. Gandhi lungs, acid thirst, appetizers hangover drugs, whitening, moisturizing and cholesterol. The remaining brew, can be painted on the face for the treatment of facial spots, acne. Drink lemon water is good for health?

柠檬水的正确泡法 多数人喝柠檬水方法不对 正确方法:1、将柠檬用硬毛刷彻底洗净,放进冰箱冷冻2小时。2、取出后切片(每个柠檬切15~20片),放入密闭的容器中。3、放入适量蜂蜜(依个人喜好),加入凉开水淹没柠檬片,盖好容器,置于冰箱中冷藏。4、隔天取出2片用温开水冲泡即可,这样可以把柠檬中丰富的VC激发出来。1个柠檬能喝1个星期左右。常喝能减少黑斑、雀斑发生的机率,让肌肤美白。它还有补钙、减肥的作用。更重要的是,柠檬是一个用来杀死癌细胞的神奇产品,它比化疗强一万倍。它的口感是愉快的,而且不产生毒副作用。它对囊肿及肿瘤产生影响。这种植物被证明能够补救所有类型的癌症,比世界上通常应用在化疗方面的化疗药物阿霉素产品好一万倍,它减慢癌细胞的生长。更令人吃惊的是:用柠檬提取物这种类型的治疗,只会破坏恶性肿瘤细胞,并不影响健康的细胞!有空就自己弄点柠檬水来喝喝,一颗柠檬大约要加1000cc或2000cc的水,依个人喜好的酸度,自己调配,能不加糖就不要加糖,养生又美容!建议多喝柠檬水。柠檬的功效:柠檬性温、味苦、无毒,具有止渴生津、祛暑安胎、疏滞、健胃、止痛等功能。利尿,调剂血管通透性,适合浮肿虚胖的mm。吸烟者要多吃柠檬,因为他们需要的维生素C是不吸烟者的2倍。柠檬热量低,且具有很强的收缩性,因此有利于减少脂肪,是减肥良药。柠檬能防止心血管动脉硬化并减少血液粘稠度。热柠檬汁加蜂蜜对治疗支气管炎和鼻咽炎十分有效。甘地润肺、酸地消渴、开胃解酒毒、美白、润肤、降低胆固醇。冲泡剩馀,可涂在面部治疗面斑,粉剌。 喝柠檬水有利于健康?相关的主题文章: