Li Tie class highlights local coach survival crisis — Sports — original title: domestic coach Born Under A Bad Sign 35 games, 19 wins, 6 draws and 10 losses, winning 54.3%. The coach in a 8 game 7 wins and 1 draws, the team Chongchao success in a difficult situation; coached super 23 games 10 wins 5 flat 8 negative, to complete the task ahead of schedule and relegation to league fifth identity to retain the impact AFC Champions League. This is Li Tie in Hebei Huaxia happiness 375 day coaching transcripts, he will be a free upgrade in the near edge abruptly brought to the super team, let the team championship in the super powers with a foothold. However, at the beginning of the season was originally ranked second in the Premier League of Chinese happiness from the mid season was not smooth, Ravitch, Ju rumes, gervinho, mbia has injured many games, Li Tie can only discharge single foreign aid into battle, the result also corresponding decline. Under pressure, Li Tie in the fifteenth round of the super news conference after the sudden shelling of national football team leader, also let him and stood in the teeth of the storm Hebei Huaxia club. Despite the timely apology seems to resolve the contradiction, but since the game, the team suffered five consecutive losses, the only round of the 10 round to get a score of 5. Admittedly, Li Tie at home in the limitless future marshal, but the "golden age" in the not big enough for Li Tie, recently bad results that he only had to leave. In all Yang Shuai’s Super League, the most outstanding achievement led soil handsome are able to escape the fate of the class, can not help but sigh local coach survival difficult. Yang Shuai has become a super mainstream since the 1994 Chinese football professionalism, the league has appeared in foreign coaches. Since then, the number of foreign coaches more and more, but in a A era, the local coach in terms of number and performance is stronger than foreign coach. After entering in 2004, 12 teams in 9 is a local coach in command. But after the 2010 season, the number of foreign coaches began to exceed the local coach, but also significantly higher than the results of domestic coaches. In recent years, Lippi, Erickson and other world-class coach comes in, the super teams have not only lies in the pursuit of big foreign aid, the team’s coach is the more big name please. The team not only in the technical and tactical aspects to improve, in the construction and management mode, the hope club system with international advanced standards, improve the club’s international influence, which makes a lot of the club is very difficult to give more opportunities to local coaches and patience. Li Tie class seems to be due to the recent poor record, but in fact, and the current super rich team building ideas. Super high investment makes a large number of first-class foreign aid began to join in, this is also the objective to raise the threshold, the super coach from Hong Kong, Hengda Luneng, Shenhua to first-class, combination of foreign aid and international big boss seems to have become wealthy or quasi wealthy standard. Although we have repeatedly called for the opportunity to coach the local, but also have to admit that there are inherent deficiencies in the ability of local coaches in the control of the big name foreign aid. It is clear that not every club will have enough patience to wait for the growth of local coaches. Happy Chinese move rather than a quick change, rather than only)相关的主题文章: