Liu Qibao: news media innovation has a good effect – the media – original title: news media innovation has a good effect in August 31st, the Central Propaganda Department held a news media innovation work exchange meeting, the CPC Central Committee Political Bureau of CPC Central Committee, propaganda minister Liu Qibao attended the meeting, stressed that innovation is the power of Journalism and communication the source, the source of vitality, is the inevitable requirement to consolidate the dominant position, growth of the mainstream media, with new ideas, new initiatives, and constantly create a new situation of innovation journalism. Liu Qibao pointed out that the news has never been so urgent need for innovation, such as today, and never had such a rich and varied conditions of innovation. To establish adapt to the development of modern ways of thinking and ideas, strengthen the integration of awareness, consciousness, market consciousness, pay more attention to the topics of planning, more and more attention to the spread of polished boutique fusion, pay more attention to social effect, promote all-round innovation of news communication. Liu Qibao stressed that innovation has a good effect, be good at exploring and speak good and vivid stories, so that heart to love, to highlight the individual narrative, adhere to the ground to go grassroots, make news reports have thought, temperature, quality. Good at the use of the media to spread the form of diversification, focusing on the whole media of communication, visualization, artistic display, so that news reports move up, live up. Good use of mobile intelligent media technology, integration of information collection, content editing, product presentation links. Be good at the use of multi focus interactive service, close to the reader, to attract participation, resonance exchange, expand the depth and breadth of communication. Good at using the public life of the discourse expression, advocating "short real new" style, the discourse system, language style is more suitable for the audience to accept the habit. (commissioning editor Song Xinrui and Yan Shuai)相关的主题文章: