LOL female hero "Camille" first demo: big legs too Riot Games released the Ecstasy "hero alliance" new female characters Camille last week, her legs are sharp edges. At that time speculated that Camille will be a major assault agility type role. Today, such speculation has been confirmed. "Hero alliance" the official Camille skills and details of actual combat demo today, her name is also identified as Chinese Camille, game 134th heroes. Camille skill description: passive: automatic adaptive defense Camille basic attack on the hero will be awarded to rival the different attributes of the main damage types of shield. The shield is increased according to the maximum output of HP Camille. The AD can generate AD hero gold cutting shield of AP hero Victor can generate AP shield, is not feeling holy crap? Q’s Camille’s next basic attack will weaken the enemy and cause additional physical damage, resulting in a brief burst of movement speed. For a brief period of time after the initial projection, Camille can reactivate the Q ability to perform additional attacks. If she waits for a while, the second attack will cause additional damage, and will turn some of the damage to real damage. Q skills are divided into two sections, corresponding to the strength of the cartoon break and kill the enemy effect. The second segment can cause real damage after a delay. The W skill, Camille, gathers energy, and then applies an explosive strike in the front cone range, causing physical damage to all targets. The enemy will be greatly slowed down when hit in the outer ring, and according to their maximum HP, treat Camille. E indeed new heroes with displacement skills, skills, and is commonly used in E. Camille shot a hook in the direction of the target, and if she hit the wall, she would pull herself. And then to the wall after the two ejection displacement. E second ejection Camille sprint in the target direction, hit the first hero stop, stun all enemies in a region. If Camille goes to a hero, the range increases, she can also get additional attack speed. This ability is limited in scope, in the course of the war and the pursuit of war is very easy to use, although not unlimited Parkour Tyrone over the wall, but the vertigo displacement of high attack speed, a very sick. R skill Camille jumps to a target enemy hero, places them in an area and hits them. The enemy will not be able to leave the area in any way when the last enemy hero does not leave the area when it is generated. This is similar to the arena in a short period of time after the Party (or Camille prematurely leave the area) voluntarily stop. In this area, Camille’s basic attack deals additional magic damage.相关的主题文章: