See mountain water at Sichuan   Sichuan plateau scenery "– Sichuan channel — original title: National Day Special Planning [suffocation] see mountain water Sichuan Sichuan plateau scenery to" suffocate "" renjianyaochi "[Huang Long] Sichuan National Day special planning is not enough network" agents "decryption" the charm of Sichuan "see mountain water Sichuan Sichuan plateau scenery to" suffocate "agents: Sichuan network reporter Alvarez decryption: Beauty Sichuan Plateau dense nature set thousands of pet in the body of workers. Seven day National Day holiday will end tomorrow! There are a lot of Sichuan food did not eat, a lot of beauty did not see enough? Do not worry, Sichuan news network will continue to launch a special plan for the global users decryption Sichuan charm". "You come or not, the beauty is here." During this period, Sichuan network agents focus on the u.s.. "At the end of the Western Sichuan Plateau is the root of flying a hada, it is dew, another head bolt is snow……" It has been said that the Western Sichuan Plateau is the darling of God, gathered thousands of pet in the body, so many people have seen it linger. The Western Sichuan Plateau, to Ganzi, Sichuan ABA area, Hengduan Mountains is located in the eastern Qinghai Tibetan Plateau, there are mountains of Jinsha River, Dadu River, Yalong river cutting out the mountain canyon, forming a vertical distribution of several climate, cold temperate, subtropical Valley Mountain Alpine frigid zone with the natural landscape, vegetation and also in vertical distribution. Sichuan Plateau charming beautiful natural scenery, Hailuogou, Xinduqiao, "king of Shushan", "Gongga blue planet on the last piece of pure land in Daocheng, Aden, Jiuzhaigou, the" fairy tale world "" renjianyaochi "Huanglong, Dagu glacier, Four Girls Mountain scenic area, the Yellow River 9, Miyaluo Bay and other scenic spots are the first in the Western Sichuan region is. One of the most attractive scenery area of Sichuan Province, is the ideal place for outdoor tourism and. Western Sichuan Plateau landform change obviously, have very high peaks, low altitude glaciers, deep canyons, rushing rivers, alpine grassland, Spring Creek, the Yangtze River and the source of the the Yellow River and its tributaries bred here the ancient and mysterious civilization. Live here and back to the Han nationality, national culture is very rich. The beauty of natural scenery, attracting more and more travelers to. In October, the Western Sichuan Plateau is the most beautiful season in a year, the red leaves, color forest, spring, snow capped plateau compose the most beautiful "". Travel is at that time, why not take a walk on the go. (the picture provided by the Ganzi Prefecture, ABA) invites you to recommend Sichuan to see enough, Sichuan news network will continue to launch special planning reports, this reporter will continue to incarnate "agents" to the whole world, users recommend Sichuan’s beauty, delicacy, humanities, science and technology, city traffic, and a series of "Sichuan charm", and graphic "decryption" recommendation object. Sichuan has a colorful landscape and national culture, historical culture, folk culture, food culture, welcome the masses of friends recommended, Sichuan network throughout Sichuan "agents" have been eager to call 028-85171608 or via QQ2226)相关的主题文章: