Married female for male friends to buy a self kidnapping extortion father original title: male friends to raise money a married female self "kidnapping" China Xianyang daily news (reporter Yang Hao) for online boyfriend to raise money to buy a car, a 26 year old Qianxian County woman unexpectedly self of a kidnapping my father "cheating" blackmail "drama. The afternoon of November 6th, went to the Qianxian County Public Security Bureau police brigade in the city of Qianxian County Zou hurriedly reported that his daughter Betty (a pseudonym) on the afternoon of 5 away from home, has not returned. The 6 day at 7:40 in the morning, he also received a strange number of messages sent to mobile phone, it is your daughter here with me, get 28 thousand yuan ransom ", later also received more than and 10 to the number of messages, including two bank account. Zoumou repeatedly call back the number, the other party does not always answer. He found the query, send text messages to mobile phone number or even with her daughter’s ID card, he determined the daughter and the kidnappers together, then reported to the public security organ. "We were also very strange, why the phone is Betty’s ID card? Why do you want a ransom of $28 thousand, or zero?" Qianxian County Public Security Bureau police brigade squadron of police Zhou Binbin said their investigation found that Betty and kidnappers might in Xi’an West Passenger Station area. 6 o’clock that night, 11 police investigators with Zou to Xi’an. The police around the Internet cafes, hotels, foot store on the West terminal of the search, but did not find betty. Subsequently, the police also found that Betty may appear in Lianhu village, so with Betty photos in the village small hotel search. Finally, Betty found in a small hotel room. However, when the moment to see Betty, everyone was surprised, Betty even a person sitting in the room to play mobile phone. The police see Betty’s mobile phone only to find the original, these messages are sent to blackmail Betty father. After a patient trial, Betty confessed a self kidnapping facts. At the beginning of this year, love the Internet Betty met a man surnamed Jiang on the Internet, and talk to each other more speculative. Not long ago, Jiang said, want to buy a car, put forward to borrow 30 thousand yuan betty. Betty said he had no money, no longer asked jiang. Betty worried Jiang left, with the intention to raise money. So, Jiang gave Betty taught how to kidnap his money to his father’s way of extortion SMS is also written to Betty jiang. The afternoon of November 5th, Betty and Jiang arranged West passenger station to meet, but Jiang did not appear. Subsequently, Betty use their ID card to do a phone card to his father sent a blackmail message, sent to the father’s bank account is jiang. At present, Betty on suspicion of false case, Qianxian County police was sentenced to 7 days of administrative detention punishment. Editor: Kang Yunkai相关的主题文章: