"Meranti" remains the main Jiangsu No. sixteenth typhoon typhoon to strengthen new network new network – in September 16, according to the Central Meteorological Observatory website news, according to meteorological data showed yesterday (15 days), "Meranti", southern Jiangsu, Eastern Shanghai, northern and Eastern Zhejiang, Fujian the eastern and northeastern Jiangxi and other places heavy rain, Zhejiang Lishui and Ningbo, Wenzhou, Fujian, Fuzhou and Ningde, Shanghai, Nanhui and other local drop heavy rain, Zhejiang Bureau of Qingtian County of Lishui City, up to 407 mm. Today 5, the tropical depression Center No. fourteenth typhoon "Meranti weakened after this year" is located in the territory of Jiangxi County of Wuyuan province. Expected, "low pressure moranti" weakened after will gradually weakened and disappeared, by the influence of the circulation weakened after the southern and Northern Zhejiang, Shanghai, Jiangsu, southeastern Fujian, Eastern Anhui and other places are still strong rainfall. In addition, the sixteenth typhoon this year, "malakas" last night to strengthen the strong typhoon, the 5 when its center is located in China’s Taiwan Province, Southeast of Hualian city about 600 kilometers northwest of the Pacific Ocean, wind near the center there are 14 (42 m / sec). Expected, "Maleka" typhoon intensity level up to a super typhoon level, grazed the island of Taiwan northeast coast after turning northerly direction, into the East China Sea in the East China Sea, and coastal north. Under its influence, 16, 08 to 17, 08, the Bashi Channel, Taiwan East Sea, Southeast of the East China Sea and the eastern coast of Taiwan will have 8 to 10 winds, part of the ocean wind will have 11 ~ 12 level, "wind up in the sea near the Maleka center after 13 ~ 15.相关的主题文章: