Mobile phone shell is also expensive than the phone! Are you grab iphone7 or LV phone shell? If the Sohu – Paris fashion week last time we discuss the most topic is LV actually had this beautiful mobile phone shell greasy! In fact, as early as the day before the big show, LV outfit design director Nicolas Ghesquiè, re in the Instagram account to the fans a low-key exposure of the product details. Mobile phone shell uses the Louis Weedon logo printing patterns and metal accessories, is a luxury and fashion coexist route. LV conference site, we see this single product more styles. Like the classic reading, checkerboard, rare leather, metal elements, hands are a "shell". The discerning eye can see, the mobile phone shell was inspired by the designer It bag — the "super debut in 2014 France virgin big show on the Ghesquiè re’s Petite Malle". In other words, this phone shell is a Petite Malle control version". In fact, before LV is out of mobile phone shell, mobile phone shell of the folding but presbyopia, mature enough, lack of a sense of fashion. But it is such a mobile phone shell to sell to 2000+, with a wallet pricing. The Nicolas Ghesquiè re new design of the mobile phone shell has both the value and function, regardless of Ma and a treasure not to sell, I believe it will become a burst. Although there is no published price, but insiders speculated that the price of at least four digit dollars, mobile phone shell price will exceed iphone7 is not possible, after all, a Petite Malle handbag usually start at $5500. Your mobile phone mobile phone shell, so there is a serious problem to be thinking — meet danger, the girls in the end is to protect the mobile phone or mobile phone protection shell? If you can only choose one thing, I believe that a considerable number of people will choose the same as the main circle and the phone. It is no wonder that now the function of electronic payment is so popular, social media is so developed, a lot of things without the phone will really be very inconvenient. Such an important and inseparable mobile phone will inevitably decline, bad knock angle, this time, choose a stylish protective shell for it is a good choice. Circle around a lot of people are not used to protect mobile phone shell mobile phone habits, on the one hand feel that since has worn off, would not bother protection; on the other hand, the market of mobile phone shell is common normal is ordinary, or material, the design is too poor, revealing the cheap feeling. But the Lord of the rings was studying in Italy, take the discount lost Moschino’s two mobile phone shell, the lovely and fashionable appearance of circle of love, just love. A funny and playful personality people preferred luxury brands will be launched every year and every kind of series of exquisite accessories, mobile phone shell as our inseparable place相关的主题文章: