Nanchang news network Nanchang in September 23rd the first international marathon route was announced in November 20th 8, the reporter learned from the first Nanchang International Marathon Organizing Committee held a press briefing, has identified the racing line, at the same time, the registration work has ended, 15 thousand players qualify. Next, the organizing committee will volunteer recruitment training, the transferring work, and carry out activities such as running experience. The morning of November 20th 8 at the start of the competition time is about 6 hours and it is understood that the tournament is held for the first time in Nanchang international marathon match, scheduled for November 20, 2016 (Sunday) morning at 8:00 a.m., the competition time is about 6 hours. CCTV sports channel will be broadcast live throughout the game. The game is full marathon, half marathon, mini marathon three projects. The game starting point in the autumn Honggutan square, along the way, after the Ganjiang citizen Park Bayi Bridge, Pavilion of Prince Teng, Castle Lake scenic area, Bayi Square, Nanchang bridge, Ferris wheel and other signs of human and natural landscape, can fully display the red, red, Nanchang green city. It is reported that the survey will track to the IAAF athletics track and Chinese filing a certificate, if this track produced the best results will be recognized by the IAAF world. Invite African high level players of the contest launched online registration work from August 12th to August 31st, deadline for the end, there were from Britain, Germany, France, Japan, Korea and other 17 countries, 26580 domestic and international marathon enthusiasts entries. After the draw, the final 15 thousand people were eligible, including foreign players more than 300. In order to improve the overall level of participating in this contest, the organizing committee will invite about 10 countries around 30 high level athletes to participate in the competition, "Africa and Kenya, Ethel Biya players we will invite." Wang Bin, the tournament director, said. Next, the organizing committee will complete eventvolunteer recruitment training, procurement of various types of security plan, referee transferring and competition equipment and materials. At the same time will also carry out the experience of runners, public welfare camps, fairs, music stations and other recruitment of a series of activities in the city set off a marathon of concern, concern marathon atmosphere. 5 km after every 2.5 km to set up a toilet marathon, the players on the toilet has been criticized by the public. Tournament director Wang Bin told reporters that the current Nanchang International Marathon, from the beginning of the start of the 5 km, 2.5 km each provided with a toilet, "including fixed toilets, mobile toilets and urinals and simple man, will greatly solve the problem players on the toilet." At the same time, the events of the logistics have been well prepared, "marathon is the supply point in the 25 km and 17.5 km in the Nanchang marathon will be set, which means" run half marathon "players can enjoy the supply supply point provides 80 thousand bottles of water, and banana, chocolate, energy bars such as energy food. (reporter Yu Yunliang) three major projects: Mini Marathon (5 km): (starting point) autumn相关的主题文章: