Net car about the implementation of the new deal 1 months some 2 times the price of the malicious scalping serious – Tianjin Beijing North news: for a long time, as the big two domestic network about cars software, drops and excellent step in a short period of time, with "low" and "subsidies" "red envelopes" way to occupy the market rapidly, and a large number of passengers from the user enjoying each other". In August 1st, the acquisition of China drops travel yuho officially announced the news, the two Chinese car market share occupy over 90%. Although after the merger of both announced that no subsidy measures before they so affected, but the news nearly a month later we see that the "price reduction subsidy" has become a reality, Tianjin network about cars rose to two times. In addition to the price, net income dropped about car drivers, car platform network about chaos, let many users gradually escape". Tianjin network of about two times the price of the public car quietly Mr. Zhou to the unit distance is 4.7 kilometers from home, choose their car travel in excellent step, the same travel time, June fee is 2.33 yuan, and has recently risen to 9.5 yuan. Public Liu also recently found that at the beginning of June from the Milky Way International Shopping Center, a taxi to Tianjin University of Sport, the use of pieces express his car generally pay 5 yuan, 3 yuan car. And since August, his car 15 yuan, car has reached 11 yuan, "this is not a premium when the price compared with the taxi price has no advantage, the same section of the taxi is 15 yuan". However, for drops, excellent step of the price, drops travel aspects of response, there is no rise in price, the price has been fluctuating. Drops travel back, said, according to the user’s pricing and market operations, flexible and flexible adjustment, that is, dynamic adjustment. Due to different cities in different periods of the market and traffic situation, the specific subsidies and incentives around the situation will fluctuate according to market conditions and adjustments, such as rain, there will be a premium." In fact, the network about the reason why the car passengers feel Tianjin prices nearly two times, mainly because of the network about the car at the same time, a variety of subsidies are also reduced, the price is the result of the joint efforts of the two. Reporters statistics found that excellent step Tianjin market, in June, the city’s best step default 72% off or 70 percent off. July, not only a large discount, a variety of relief activities are very rich. After the trip announced the acquisition of excellent step in China, August 14th to 16, the city default by 35% off; from August 17th to 20, the city default by 25% off; in August 21st and on the 22 day, the city default. Aside all kinds of coupons and relief activities, from 72% off to 12% off, no wonder the net about the car passengers feel the price of up to two times". There are third party data show that by the impact of price drops, many users began to choose not to use drops. Analysys latest data show that compared with May, the beginning of the June user penetration drops a small decline. By July, drops of user penetration appeared a larger decline, down nearly 10%. Not only that, in July, the number of active users also dropped by over 700 thousand, while drops of user stickiness also appeared a continuous decline. )相关的主题文章: