At the same time, the 4 exchanges Ningbo man has cheated the girlfriend said can’t believe about 2000000 50 year old Ningbo Fenghua female boss Lin Jun (a pseudonym) recently depressed, she never dreamed, dated for 8 years have boyfriend, husband and wife with other women. No, there are 3 other women, one of whom has married and had children. Even more annoying is that the man who convinced her that she had borrowed from the 1 million 500 thousand yuan. While other women did not get any benefits, were borrowed about 300000, about 700000, about 200000. Yesterday, the 50 year old Zhang Jianguo (a pseudonym) on suspicion of fraud and credit card fraud by the Fenghua procuratorate prosecution. Female boss met handsome male boss dating to 2008, dating divorced Lin Jun introduced a 50 year old native of Zhang Jianguo. Two people of similar age, and the same is to do business, Lin Jun feel that the two have a common language, met. After the meeting, Lin Jun see Zhang Jianguo tall, honest face, he had a bit of goodwill. Chat, Zhang Jianguo talked about the reasons for divorce, said his ex-wife is a good gamble, owe usury, so he had to divorce to keep their own son. Zhang Jianguo also said that he has debt, but because of the factory, a year there are hundreds of thousands, so it is almost the same. Zhang Jianguo’s honesty not only did not let Lin Jun feel despise him, but let her feel that this person is really honest, Zhang Jianguo. After second years of formal communication. Later, Zhang Jianguo also introduced Lin Jun to his friends and family, and the woman’s boyfriend to accompany the woman to attend a variety of occasions and gatherings. Lin Junnian over fifty, Zhang Jianguo gave her a sense of others can not be replaced by, so, when Zhang Jianguo put forward the need of money flow, for example, to add equipment, wages, she always help him not to spare, she sincerely hope that this man could be good. From the beginning of 2008 2015, Lin Jun has continued to hit 1 million 500 thousand yuan Zhang Jianguo. At the same time, 4 women have been cheated by the end of 2015, a friend told her that Zhang Jianguo is likely to live with another woman. Then Lin Juncai became suspicious. One day, she opened the Zhang Jianguo’s mobile phone and found a woman’s number, then press the number dialed in the past, this is a fight, she almost collapsed a "secret" surfaced: in addition to her, this 8 years, Zhang Jianguo also exchanges with 3 women. Lin Jun’s first contact with the woman claiming to be the wife of Jiang Lin (a pseudonym). Got to know that, as the hotel guest in the hotel from 2004 Jiang Lin met Zhang Jianguo, and they walk together. In 2014 she was pregnant, the two married, and in support of Zhang Jianguo, she also took out about 300000 yuan. Then, they contacted the other two of Zhang Jianguo’s girlfriend, a few people feel unable to believe, because they look at her boyfriend so single-minded, how could do such a thing. "Every date, Zhang Jianguo will come home at 11 in the middle of the night. The reason is fear.相关的主题文章: