No inspiration to wear? Look at the NYFW street shoot people such as a new idea! The eight day of the New York fashion week has finally officially ended, the next T season to lead the fashion trend of the designer works of natural wonderful, but fashion week off the fashion people wear too special attention. Compared to avant-garde fashion designer clothing, street shoot people wear to wear regardless of the price or the actual wear of the consideration, the general public are more easily controlled. Do you still have no idea about the next week? Why not take a look at some of the New York guests wear some inspiration! In many of the street wear, with a design sense of the white shirt is many Master fashion favorite, Jeans, leather dress collocation, whether or not a style of high waisted trousers. The white shirt collocation tannin outfit, is an absolute classic unbeaten popular sports shoes, casual fashion style collocation is established; to change, can be selected with the design sense of half off shoes, so wear more personality. The sleeves and the collar, broad sense of design on the golden dot decoration, with no focus on a white shirt button, wearing black pants collocation is very simple shape. With the same color with the color of the earrings, you can make a more complete modeling. Dress style on the left side of the white shirt is worn directly on the lazy gospel, completely mindless collocation; a wear white shirt and skirt right asymmetrical design, formal yet feminine. Pop a few seasons fine strapless dress is still not fever, look at New York Fashion Week Street trendsetter knew whether long skirts, knee length skirt, or a vest, thin shoulder straps next season is still popular elements. Do not have to think about it, you can go out directly to the fine shoulder strap skirt, the wardrobe is an essential single girl. Want to put on casual shoes; leather slippers, but also to show the European style. Feel plain spaghetti strap dress is too boring? Then come to the point of the bar, oblique grid pattern of the long shoulder strap dress has enough eye-catching, and then put on a brightly colored jacket, is definitely the highlight of the road. Two piece of spaghetti strap vest is a simple danim personality, collocation le fu shoes and sports socks is the unique ingenuity of the foot! The last single product Suihua always gives spring sweet impression, but watching the street trendsetter demonstration, maybe this year you will start to try winter floral dress. Jersey lake green, green floral skirt collocation, with elegant sense of sweet. Black flower long dress collocation MIX denim jacket, the same color of shoes, bring some personality beautiful dress. Did not think the flower long dress also can be so handsome? The black suit jacket and boots are right in the fall! New York fashion week trendsetter outfit, mostly girls wardrobe must-have re mix.相关的主题文章: