"No problem" crew debut at the Tokyo Film Festival "golden kylin impact" – Sohu entertainment "no problem" was unveiled at the Tokyo International Film Festival opening ceremony Director Director Wang Mei Feng articles and a public school creative staff of red carpet Sohu entertainment news yesterday, the twenty-ninth Tokyo International Film Festival grand opening in Tokyo of Japan Roppongi, Meryl Streep, Shunji Iwai, Shun Oguri, China Sakura Ando, actor Louis Koo, Wu Zhenyu, Jiang Qinqin, Wang Zitong and so on all red carpet, although the autumn rain still conceal his star studded scene. This year, one of two Chinese movie "the main competition unit no problem" the creative opening ceremony of the red carpet to meet with the audience at the festival, and other Chinese films "Dad" peeling and other people from all over the world within the scope of the 14 films for the main competition unit "gold kylin" Awards this year. The movie "no problem" director Mei Feng carrying the film actor Wang Zitong and the cast, at the Tokyo International Film Festival opening ceremony of the red carpet. Mei Feng Director Director Lou Ye queen screenwriter, who by virtue of "spring fever" won the Cannes Film Festival Best screenwriter, the other works of a "floating city mystery thing" won the Golden Horse Award for best original screenplay. Mei Feng’s debut as a director works finalists class a international film festival main competition unit, can not be ignored, it is worth mentioning that this film was traced in the Tokyo film festival main competition soon appeared in two nominations for this year’s Taiwan Film Awards for best actor, best adapted screenplay that is "". It is reported that the first Mei Feng director adapted from Lao she published in 1943 in the short story of the same name, tells the story of the rear area during the Anti Japanese war in China Chinese tree farm director Ding Wuyuan (Wei Fan ornaments) to decline under the management of the story. This movie was rare in recent years in black and white photography, in the three act the way of allegory, will present Mr. Lao story to a modern audience, the viewfinder is selected in the Chongqing Baisha Town, because the local war is in one of the rear area, many scenes in the need to re build the case can proceed shooting, which is also set to strive for excellence, as far as possible to restore the original background of unremitting efforts. Film Festival opening night, Mei Feng accepted an interview with the media at the scene, expressed the hope that Wei Fan can win the winner, also said Qin Miaozhai played in the film Yan Yuanzhangchao is the most suitable for the role. Look forward to it in a new way was presented to the audience’s "no problem" in this year’s Tokyo International Film Festival gains success.相关的主题文章: