On the way to buy lottery tickets visit Shandong 1 drivers in 16 million Lotto winning lottery ticket – some time ago, lottery Lotto 16111st note 16 million yuan prize whispering Jining, caused a sensation in the local, people envy the lottery luck, and want to know who is really good luck, with only a 5 note the single ticket can get additional 16 million Yuan grand prize. Recently, the prize winner appeared in the sports lottery center to receive the prize. Lucky lottery boss (alias), the whole family came to accept the award, the wife, sister, brother-in-law came. Through the conversation I learned that the river was a truck driver, all over the country everywhere, not a home. Buy a lottery ticket for him, is also a sporadic thing, or to buy lottery tickets last happened in May. Dajiang said: "I like to buy lottery tickets, especially the big lottery, feel can give yourself a hope, but because of the reasons of the work, can’t often buy, so usually are back when the car, occasionally buy a few notes."." It was a wonderful experience for the river. It is understood that in September 21st, he was at home to rest, want to take the opportunity to visit relatives. Passing a lottery betting station, then walk into the election machine 5 note lottery, when the boss asked him to want money, the river hesitated, because he never bought an additional bet, is to spend 10 yuan to buy 5 note single. "I wanted to, or buy additional try, anyway, spend more than 5 bucks" river recalled the scene, still difficult to suppress excitement: "take more than 6 million yuan bonus, ah, the true value of the 5 bucks."!" When I asked why it took such a long time to accept the award, Dajiang said: "don’t mention, I came back from relatives, and then out of the car, and recently just came back, this just found the winning, my wife and I were happy, bad, and quickly told the good news sister." For the use of the prize money, the river has done a preliminary plan, "the first thing to treat his wife, she took the children to the home is not easy. Again to some younger sister, my parents died young, and sister depend on each other, the feelings are very good, although she is not short of money, but after all, is my brother’s mind." Finally, Dajiang pointed to his wife’s belly, "and thanks to the little guy, this is our second child, he brought us luck.". In addition, a few days is the anniversary of the death of the elderly, we prepare to bring two good news to tell my parents." (Shandong lottery net)

探亲途中买彩票 山东1司机中大乐透1600万-票 中奖彩票   前段时间,体彩大乐透第16111期一注1600万元的巨奖花落济宁,在当地引起了轰动,人们既羡慕这位彩民的幸运,又想知道到底是谁有这么好的运气,仅仅凭借一张5注的追加单式票就能够中得1600万元巨奖。近日,大奖得主现身体彩中心领奖。   幸运彩民大江(化名)这次全家出动来领奖,老婆、妹妹、妹夫都来了。通过交谈笔者了解到,大江是位运输司机,天南海北的到处跑,基本不着家。买彩票对于他来说,也是有一搭无一搭的事,上次买彩票还是5月份的事了。大江说:“我挺喜欢买彩票的,尤其是大乐透,感觉能给自己一份希望,但是由于工作的原因,不能经常买,所以一般都是出车回来的时候偶尔买上几注。”这次中奖对于大江来说,是一种绝妙的体验。据了解,9月21日他在家休息,想趁机去亲戚家看望一下。路过一家体彩投注站的时候,就信步走了进去机选了5注大乐透,当老板问他要不要追加的时候,大江犹豫了一下,因为他从来没买过追加投注,基本是花10元买5注单式。“我当时就想,要不就买追加试试,反正就多花5块钱”大江回想起当时的情景,依然难以抑制激动:“多拿了600万元的奖金啊,这5块钱花的真值!”   当笔者问起为何隔了这么长时间才来领奖时,大江说:“别提了,我从亲戚家回来后接着又出车了,最近刚回来,这才发现中奖了,我和老婆高兴坏了,赶紧把喜讯告诉了妹妹一家。”对于这笔奖金的用途,大江也做了初步打算,“首先得犒劳一下老婆,她自己带着孩子操持这个家不容易。再分给妹妹一些,我父母早逝,和妹妹相依为命,感情非常好,她虽然不缺钱,但毕竟是我这当哥的一番心意。”最后,大江指了指老婆的肚子,“还得感谢一下这个小家伙,这是我们的第二个孩子,他给我们带来的好运。另外,过些日子是老人的忌日,我们准备把两个大喜讯告诉爸妈。”(山东体彩网)相关的主题文章: