The baby panda photo was crazy turn on the killing level users praised as one of the most lovely Chinese creatures, the panda has attracted foreigners love. Recently, a Japanese friend after visiting the panda breeding base in China, uploaded a series of panda videos and photos. Cute adorable pandas immediately broke a crowd of Japanese friends, even friends shouted, damaging the panda is too strong. This Japanese netizen uploaded some photos of baby pandas, pandas lying on a bed, soft like sesame glutinous rice dumpling. With the Japanese netizens said that "for the first time to see so many will kick crawling panda, every level of the lovely just kill." The user also photographed under the adult panda hanging on the trunk look. Many Japanese friends have seen the photos and videos after the panda said that such a lovely creature would like to hold in his arms rub ah. Previously, the panda has been withdrawn from the news of the withdrawal of endangered animals, as well as friends that such a lovely animal should be well protected ah. Although the panda attack is not weak, but only by selling adorable can let the Japanese netizens unable to resist sustain the blows. Our national treasure is really a very powerful role.相关的主题文章: