Pregnant women can eat red beans do? Women eat red beans have 5 benefits – Shenzhen Channel – People’s original title: pregnant women can eat red beans do? There are 5 main advantages of red beans to eat red beans have a lot of nutritional value, especially for women should eat more to health. Expectant mothers in pregnancy can also eat the right amount of red beans to add the necessary nutrients. Below, for everyone to take a look at what women eat red bean what are the benefits. Pregnant women can eat red beans to eat red bean in early pregnancy, early pregnancy because the embryo is still small, need very little nutrition, so long as the normal diet usually can meet the needs of the fetus, in later nutrition. Just pregnant is more rest, do not be tired, do not do strenuous exercise, early pregnancy embryos in the uterus is not too stable, so accidentally will cause abortion. Pregnant women should pay attention to the spleen dampness, nourishing food, the Qi and blood, spleen and stomach food together with good, can use: red beans, rice, jujube porridge. Attention should be given to patients with diarrhea, or those who do not have a damp heat. There are green beans, kelp, mustard and other kind of food is a cold. Pregnant six months ago not to eat, after six months of pregnancy can eat, children born without Cang, and the skin will be very good, but the bean is gentle food, so early pregnancy or to eat, but not too much to the amount of food. Women eat red bean good blood yangxin. Ancient Li Shizhen the red beans called "heart of the valley", emphasizes the red Yangxin effect. Red beans can clear fire, also can repair efforts. The crude fiber rich material, can reduce blood fat and blood pressure, improve heart function and other effects on; at the same time, rich in iron, it is very suitable for the blood gas, blood. To keep your hands and feet cold in winter. Spleen and stomach. The spleen and stomach digestion ability is relatively strong, absorption is better. So, weak people should step up the winter tonic, good nutritional reserves next year, next year will be good, strong energy strength, and not get sick. Red bean, in the traditional Chinese medicine known as "red bean", also has the obvious effect of spleen and stomach. Eliminate edema. In addition to red bean is rich in potassium, saponins contained in the skin also has strong diuretic effect, can effectively improve due to beriberi and kidney function decline caused by face, foot swelling, so the treatment of edema will use red bean. Dampness heat. Water can not flow with the blood, stranded in human cells, so that the rapid expansion of the body. The red beans contains rich vitamin B and iron, also contains protein, fat, carbohydrate, calcium, phosphorus, niacin and other ingredients, has diuresis, dispelling dampness detoxification. Detoxification weight loss. Red beans are not only delicious food, but also the drug for treatment by physicians, "Compendium of Materia Medica" said the downward, can pass through the small intestine to diuresis swelling. Now ten people there are at least five or six body fat, which is also called swollen, bloated. In traditional Chinese medicine, obesity, edema, also means that the body is wet. Water can not flow with the blood, stranded in human cells, so that the rapid expansion of the body. Edema, obesity is the case, but the degree is deep and shallow. Qu)相关的主题文章: