The "Flying Tiger" exposure to the full lineup of modeling figure released "comedy" Tencent entertainment stars hesui, finale of a smile! By Jackie Chan starring, director Ding Cheng, Huang Zitao, Wang Kai, Wang Dalu, sang Ping, Wu Yonglun starred in the action comedy "Flying Tiger" railway in December 30th will be the national release. Today, the film side released a full lineup of other chart, in addition to the Flying Tigers has been exposed, Xu Fan, Zhang Yi, Liu Di, Liu Hailong composed the "Flying Tigers. The team, Ikeuchi Hirono, Zhang Lanxin, Koji Yano, Geng Changjun composed the" suppression tigers ", as well as the train station and the fortune teller He Yunwei Neville first appearance. Different from the traditional Japanese style film, "Flying Tiger" the railway art is very beautiful man, windproof glasses, the Flying Tigers finger gloves, beret, armed with other accessories, let these little moments tide up. In the clothing color, Ding Sheng director is quite exquisite, abandon the past instead of gray cloth coat, with red, yellow and blue, the color is a bright eyes. Open the comic mode Jackie Chan lead the black out of the Flying Tigers "comedy" handsome Huang Zitao, 3 Wang Kai, Piqi Wang, a water – Idol pie, how to do a comedy? According to Ding Sheng said, in the movie, they will be completely put down the burden idol, his instinct to play their own comedy. "They start into the group, is still holding, but the movie too many Flying Tigers black each each other scenes, the atmosphere slowly spread to the team’s life, their character comedy also are exposed," according to Ding Sheng, the eldest brother Huang Zitao in order to get relaxed, always open Huang said that he Zitao jokes, singing tune, and yellow Zitao Yuecuoyueyong, more want to sing to you, a set of pistachios. Do great things in the previously released "notice", whether it is a little "," Huang Zitao, attacked Wang Kai, or the king, all awe-inspiring righteousness, with a full sense of joy. "Real man" let the audience see the funny side of Huang Zitao, which also increased for he looked at the "Flying Tiger" in the railway, and the embodiment of the "sharpshooter" Wang Kai, "king of the premiere of the Eight Route Army", which will bring a surprise, also become the focus of the audience curious. "Female pancake man" Xu Fan put "senior humor" dragon lady "Zhang blueheart joked deaf girl" as the number one "Feng Nvlang", Xu Fan often appeared in Feng Xiaogang’s film, "Party B" in the "classic" Be There Or Be Square Feng’s comedy is more comedy show extraordinary skill. Jackie Chan, the first woman to fly in the railway, she was the first woman to work with her, the embodiment of the female pancake man, with a booth pancakes craft, become the Flying Tigers of the granary. Ding Sheng said: "Xu Fan, a senior teacher dedication of humor, she is good at simplifying, often it is natural to say a word, he made everyone laugh." In cooperation with Jackie Chan repeatedly Dragon Girl Zhang blueheart, this is the "self deaf girl", "appeared as a Japanese female officers, the language barrier, so eldest brother said I have to pretend not to hear," Zhang Lanxin said. Turning to the role, a blue heart couldn’t help laughing: "in the first day, the director said to me" you are a man, I was shocked, I understand this is like a man fighting woman." He Yunwei Neville cross Ig Ikeuchi Hirono Koji Yano.相关的主题文章: