Rihui Hong Kong will open 8.3 km Huangpu Lake Bridge River line next year through every morning, listening to the river on the shore to see the whistle blew, reeds, since the 2010 World Expo, which is South Park area residents It is quite common for the scene when the morning. Now is not the same, Xuhui Binjiang and Huangpu Binjiang is connected to the people of Hong Kong Rihui Bridge opened in June next year, 8.3 kilometers; Huangpu shore river line through a comprehensive, Puxi Expo 56 lamp flame lamp lights. The river back to the people, sharing the public space, smooth and light, become the 8.3 km Huangpu Bin River line keywords the next eight or nine months. How to open the light? The first step is to clear the first three points". The eleven is approaching, reporters from Hong Kong Nanyuan Rihui Road overpass to a pier along the road to the interview. The drainage pumping station "poqiang pathway" Nanyuan, was a fellow Fujian Quanzhou and Zhangzhou Center site, for many years, it is only a small park. Before the World Expo 2010, with a total growth of Nanyuan renovation and expansion is in southern Huangpu District: Binjiang green 80 thousand square meters. Huangpu District city best practice in southern Binjiang and the East Green Expo Park area adjacent to the Lupu Bridge; the south shore of the Huangpu River, to the west of Xuhui Binjiang Wetland Park; landscape corridor, north of the emerging high-grade building group. From the vicinity of Rihui port to Lupu Bridge, Binjiang Green has a brick red plastic along the trail, for exercise, night run, and have a good place. Unfortunately, the Lu Pu Bridge near a cement wall blocking trail drainage pumping station. What time can walk through? In August this year, Binjiang waterfront planning and development of Huangpu District conference revealed that the "Huangpu District Binjiang public space planning and design" implementation of the optimization system has been completed, in June next year, Huangpu river shore line extending south from the Bund, the Bund, south the Bund, connecting Expo Park and other three regions of 8.3 kilometers of public space will be fully opened to traffic, and by increasing the sidewalk non motor vehicle lane width, improve the comprehensive transportation system and the integration of "leisure fitness walking, cycling, slow track, land, water tour sightseeing Lane Road" five integration, efforts to build sightseeing, leisure, fitness and other functions of the public life, to create a classic, slow life. "Open Binjiang Nanyuan trail, received strong support from the drainage pumping station management and Lupu Bridge Management department." Huangpu District Binjiang Comprehensive Development Leading Group Office full-time deputy director Ge Jun said, the drainage pumping station will dismantle the existing cement wall, make public space, through the open trail; trails, to allow residents to share Binjiang public space, but also to protect the safety and security work to drainage pumping station, prevent people especially the children will go, to make sure the design of special facilities; this point is open, the pumping station before the new land access and utilization of high pile wharf new water path along the cliff in the form of two way through. 56 lights to re lit the Expo event from the Lu Pu bridge to the Nanpu bridge, the middle of Expo Park. 2010 World Expo falls behind, Puxi Expo Park is closed, 8.3 kilometers along the Binjiang section of the Expo impassable. 2010 World Expo Ship Museum attracted a large number of visitors, the pavilion on the site is the river P相关的主题文章: