Shanghai Chen Shan botanical garden flowers and colorful sunflowers are riotous with colour tens of thousands of square meters of flowers, more than and 10 varieties of odd melon fruit, the rare tree plum colored and foreign different style of the band…… This autumn, Chen Huaguo Mountain botanical garden, colorful rhythmic garden, from today for a month and make a show theme park, the joy of the harvest scene. Sunflower also have colorful sunflower must be gold? No. This autumn, Chen Shan botanical garden will let you see the red orange, yellow green, and red wine, black, yellow, red yellow, golden yellow sunflower, a total of more than and 20 ornamental varieties, covering an area of more than 10 thousand square meters. Tens of thousands of square meters of flowers also includes more than 10 thousand square meters of the cosmos and the flowers of chrysanthemum, during the national day can form a height of about 50 cm, orange and purple powder color flowers landscape, visitors are in the meantime, it is submerged in the vast expanse of the flowers. The world’s first hot for you to taste in the vegetable garden, the park opened a "hot pepper Festival, visitors can enjoy the India ghost pepper, in 2007 of the" Guinness World Records "is recognized as the world’s hottest chili pepper, and beyond India become the world’s first ghost spicy Trinidad scorpion. October 16th, the park will be held in the door 1, spicy King tournament, all visitors can apply for the site, to experience the world’s top hot pepper. And during the exhibition, the park also arranged a "fruit corridor", 16 varieties of exotic fruits, shapes, lovable. And for the kids, the pumpkin is undoubtedly one of the most lovely fruits. And during the exhibition, Chen Shan tree house will be shaped pumpkin, pumpkin carving, painted pumpkin pumpkin on a new dress, restore the movie and game character popular in recent years, such as "angry birds", "gourd", and through interesting scene settings, lead the visitors into a fairy tale world. Take you back to the ancient Tyrannosaurus Rex held in September 28th -10 month 15 days of ferns and succulents exhibition exhibition aspect lot. Exotic plants Museum "fern Valley" exhibition, a combination of static and dynamic Rex lead visitors back 400 million years ago, the ancient world, see the main source of food for a dinosaur – ferns. Psammophyte Museum "fleshy paradise" exhibition layout of nearly two hundred species of succulents, many of which are rare varieties imported from abroad. Tropical fruit museum is the leading plum colored tree, tree height of about 130 cm, and years of cultivation. Will be held during the exhibition and four theme activities (a) rhythm of Chen Shan: International Music Festival flowers enjoy fun in life on October 1st -6, organized by the international music festival. October 5th -7 days, the symphony orchestra will be performed by the three violinist. On October 1st -5, the famous Shanghai agency and Pingtan group will "show. (two) the impression of Chen Shan: with lens fixed time rich multicolored decorations in September 28th -10 month 28 days, held "impression of Chen Shan" autumn photography contest. (three) joy Chen Shan: Flash parade picking, fun beyond your imagination in October 1st, will be organized in the vicinity of the Exhibition Greenhouse music flash. Carry out the cartoon parade in greenhouse fruit green theatre and invites visitors to a photo.)相关的主题文章: