Shanxi residents village relocation of Villagers: no daughter marry outsiders original title: Shanxi demolition Haruki "daughter households" missed the relocation, the villagers: married, is an outsider from March this year to now, Shen Tang million Berlin District Ditch Street Zhaigou village in Shanxi Province, Taiyuan City, Zhang Wen (a pseudonym) days. Very depressed". Due to the "daughter households" (female individual bank, or married women and children who move out of account is not the identity of the Zhang Wenyi family), demolition and replacement housing area less than the other villagers, there is no relocation transition. Taiyuan Wan Berlin district started this year, the demolition of 7 villages in the village, walled village is one of them. March 15th, Walled Village demolition started, has now basically completed. Zhang Wen believes that this policy is discrimination against women. Over the past few months, she and other daughter households many rights no fruit. The village party secretary said that such a policy, in accordance with the traditional rural development, through the villagers’ congresses, "removal without a demolitions, that we are recognized". Law believes that the "daughter households" is a word with a preference for color, the demolition plan suspected of violating the principle of equality between men and women. Village Regulations: daughter households "married not actual living people" Zhai Gou Cun resettlement compensation scheme. The time mentioned in the map of Beijing Zhai Gou Cun resettlement compensation scheme, the homestead area according to each (unit of area, is a mu) replacement house of 90 square meters and 20 square meters of shops, household and a parking space. For the villagers, this is not a small income. In the transition period of three years, the villagers can get a transitional resettlement fee, there are standard, homestead area of *40 yuan *36 months or one person per year for 20 thousand *3 years, the villagers can choose. If the number of choices, the actual number of people living in the hospital shall prevail. Taking into account the number of people in the home, many villagers are selected 60 thousand per capita transitional resettlement standards. However, Zhai Gou Cun about one hundred of the "daughter households", the village that has been married, not the actual living people, so not to transitional resettlement fee. The actual implementation of the homestead replacement house, shops, parking spaces, the daughter of households can not participate in the distribution, they can only receive 30 or 20 square meters per person compensation. Show the demolition plan Zhai Gou Cun, "I am a separate account, and the account of married women and children not move out, as the" daughter of households". In May 31, 2007 for the sector, settled before you can enjoy 30 square meters per person compensation, after settled for each person of 20 square meters. "Although not said the house, shops do not give her daughter, but the daughter of households are individually to the thirty square meters, naturally can not go to the 90 flat." Demolition and transformation of the village is the village. Beijing time in the case of Zhang Wenjia, and her parents and brother live together in the homestead for the demolition of all parents, parents and brother as a user, you can get every 90 square housing, shops, parking spaces, transition costs etc.. Has been married but did not move the account of Zhang Wen, as the "daughter households", can only get 30 square meters per capita compensation, and no transition costs. Minimum signature相关的主题文章: