Sichuan man raped female students fled after the Qinghai robbery rape 3 – Beijing News recently in Qinghai, Haidong City Ping District police careful investigation, successfully cracked the provincial public security department to supervise the handling of the Dragon series Moumou rape robbery case 4 cases, economic losses of more than 9000 yuan. Since July, the East Sea area Ping Ping town Yang Jia Lu landscape bridge, West Village Square, Ping An new high-speed rail near the square, there were 3 consecutive single woman was from behind the neck, dragged into the sidewalk next to the green belt robbery, rape. 3 cases of the object of criminal suspects are young women aged more than and 20 or female students in school, the social impact is very bad. August 19th, Ping District Public Security Bureau set up a task force, according to the suspect’s physical characteristics and the characteristics of the crime decision on the 3 cases and case investigation, and deployed Police Brigade, police station, police station Xiao Xia Ping to Ping Town, a small gorge town urban high migrant workers and emancipist launched mopai. In August 20th, the case was listed as the Provincial Public Security Bureau, Haidong Municipal Public Security Bureau supervision supervise the handling of the case, ordered the peace District Public Security Bureau set up a task force to solve the case as soon as possible. In August 21st, by police investigators to investigation, found in Sichuan city of Dazhou province emancipist Moumou (Department of ZTE Dragon Construction Co., Haidong city passenger transport hub project of reinforcing steel bar, the 2003 robbery was in Da County of Sichuan province people’s court sentenced to 13 years in prison, released from prison in January 2011) is a major crime suspects. According to the survey, in June 5th, after the arrival of Xining Moumou Dazhou train arrived in Qinghai whereabouts unknown. According to preliminary investigation to get clues, the police task force investigation to carry out an intensive investigation of the airport business park construction site, enterprise employees and the area of temporary staff, after more than and 10 consecutive days of unremitting efforts, in August 25th, the task force learned that ZTE Construction Company Limited in Haidong city passenger transport hub project in the name of a certain dragon men, the survey identified the man is the suspect Moumou dragon. August 29th, investigators disguised by the investigation in the construction of the East Sea passenger terminal Construction Co., Ltd. will be arrested. After the interrogation, the suspect Moumou confessed illegal dragon. The investigation, June 5, 2016, the suspect Moumou dragon in Dazhou city of Sichuan Province, a high school toilets raped a female students after fled to Qinghai. Currently, the suspect Moumou has been under criminal detention according to law, the case is under trial. (Zhao Junjie)相关的主题文章: