The commercial press and the British publishing company jointly push the "National Governance Series" – Beijing, Beijing, August 25 Beijing Xinhua (reporter Ying Ni) and the British press Ruth Ricci publishing company (Routledge) 25 in Beijing signed the "commercial" -Routledge governance cluster book "project cooperation agreement. National Governance Series organized by stages. The first series of plans to publish more than thirty works, including philosophy, politics, ethics, history, sociology, economics and other disciplines, together with various fields leading scholars reflect the state of governance China works, is expected to average annual publication 5, is divided into 6 years to complete. At present, in the second series plan contributions work is underway. The general manager Yu Dianli said, "the party in the third Plenary Session of the 18th CPC Central Committee to promote the national governance system modernization and governance capacity as the overall goal of deepening reform. The commercial press sometimes moving, taking "national governance" as the theme, organization of scholars and experts at home and abroad, the successful practice of building socialism system summary and interpretation China characteristics, to explore innovative road and innovative methods of national governance, to promote the new period of deepening reform to provide intellectual support and the strong support of knowledge. This is the theoretical value and practical significance of the National Governance Series project." General manager Taylor Francis Chinese publishing group Hong Yingyuan said in his speech stressed the significance of cooperation and business: "Lu De Ricci is keenly aware of Chinese growth as well as the international community to understand the development status of Chinese demand, is committed to publishing academic works Chinese the theme of development, become an important window to understand the international community China. Ruth Ricci’s long-standing business cooperation, both sides of the publishing location, publishing and publishing philosophy highly fit, CO publishing shizaibide." The commercial press and Ruth Ricci were publishing institutions have more than one hundred years of history, are devoted to the humanities and Social Sciences Publishing, world renowned. "National Governance Series" is the second in 2015 after the signing of cooperation "Chinese Linguistics Series" after another joint. (end)相关的主题文章: