The independence of the United States for the first time cooperation China blogger designers when Rebecca Li met Rebecca Minkoff on Friday, fashion blogger Ribeka announced her second joint models: REBECCA MINKOFF x Li Rebecca McGuire limited Miss Fantasy saddle bag. This is the United States independent designer brand Rebecca Minkoff for the first time to cooperate with bloggers, is also well-known international fashion brands for the first time to launch a joint venture with mainland bloggers. The first time to buy buy buy. "Said Li Rebecca, the effect is indeed good: the original plan to double eleven officially opened on the limited edition of only 1200, is scheduled to open after two days have been panic buying more than and 900, deep red is in the release of an hour it was sold out. The red one hour all grab the first joint "the Imperial Palace after the cat." weekend scheduled two days nearly one thousand li Rebecca limited jewelry, fashion bloggers and the Imperial Palace IP combination, on the line 20 minutes will be looted. A lot of fans said in her background, "when is the next time? Promise me you’ll get 1000 next time!" From previous experience, the limited edition Miss Fantasy with the autumn / winter market, a total of four warm color, are deep red, green, and blue moon Changqing honey yellow, each color 300, a total of 1200. However, although the availability of 1200, this number is still very difficult to meet the demand. Because the Miss Fantasy planned to ten together online and offline officially on sale on Friday night just announced the scheduled 600, going to try out the outside of the new package reaction. I did not expect two days on the order of more than 900, directly beyond the original online sales of the share of the 900, they had to be ready to sell in the store to transfer part of the bag online. The most popular deep red, because it is the exclusive color of this series, it is an hour to grab all empty. In addition, because this time the limited edition is only available in the Chinese area, there are many overseas fans in micro-blog and the background of the message, said hope in the United States or Europe will also be able to see the limits of Miss Fantasy Li Rebecca in the store. Buy buy buy teach power really can not be underestimated. Li Rebecca fans purchasing power into Rebecca supergroup Minkoff darling with the development of social media, has a huge fan base web, more and more become the darling of fashion brand. Europe and the United States many reds, such as Olivia and Aquazzura have launched a joint cooperation shoe, Miss bell with Martha joint series, fat blogger Nicolette Mason has launched Modcloth with clothes. Although the joint models has become a new mode of cooperation in overseas fashion brands and celebrities, there are few domestic similar moves, Li Rebecca is the first person. This cooperation as it happened, Li English Rebecca’s name is "Becky", this time I was co designer of Rebecca. Li said Rebecca always love Rebecca Minkoff "fashion design, but not too exaggerated.相关的主题文章: