The original "Baise student network responsible person Wang Chieh rape, fraud jailed for 16 years – Beijing channel — original title: the original" Baise student network responsible person Wang Chieh rape, fraud was sentenced to 16 years in October 13, according to Xinhua news agency, Nanning (reporter Wang Jun Wei) the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region Baise Longlin County People’s court sentenced the former open 13 days "Baise student network responsible person Wang Chieh rape, fraud, rape and sentenced the defendant Wang Chieh fifteen years imprisonment for fraud and sentenced to the one year and six months imprisonment, graft decided to implement sixteen years in prison. Wang Chunren sentenced the defendant to five years imprisonment for rape. The court found that: from 2009 to 2015, the defendant Wang Chieh to support the poor students in Baise as the name, has raped the students, such as Nong Moumou, Qin, and in the defendant Wang Chunren rape students Huang Moumou in the joint crime to provide help. Wang Chieh, the defendant, wanted to help the poor school desks and chairs in the poor areas. He took the method of concealing the truth, and cheated the love team with 15000 yuan for himself. In view of the defendant Wang Chunren crime voluntarily surrender, truthfully confessed his crime, is surrender, can be lighter punishment. According to the relevant provisions of the criminal law, the above judgment was then made. (commissioning editor Bao Congying and Gao Xing)

原“百色助学网”负责人王杰强奸、诈骗获刑16年–北京频道–人民网 原标题:原“百色助学网”负责人 王杰强奸、诈骗获刑16年 据新华社南宁10月13日电(记者 王军伟)广西壮族自治区百色市隆林各族自治县人民法院13日公开宣判原“百色助学网”负责人王杰强奸、诈骗一案,以强奸罪判处被告人王杰有期徒刑十五年,以诈骗罪判处其有期徒刑一年零六个月,数罪并罚决定执行有期徒刑十六年。以强奸罪判处被告人王春任有期徒刑五年。 经法院审理查明:2009年至2015年,被告人王杰以资助百色贫困学生为名,先后强奸学生农某某、覃某,并在被告人王春任强奸学生黄某某的共同犯罪中提供帮助。被告人王杰以需要资助贫困地区学校课桌椅为名,采取隐瞒真相的方法,骗取爱心团队资助款15000元占为己有。 鉴于被告人王春任犯罪后自动投案,如实供述自己的罪行,是自首,可以从轻处罚。根据刑法的有关规定,遂作出上述判决。 (责编:鲍聪颖、高星)相关的主题文章: