The Spy Drama "double smoke flavor" 929 first "double" of Jiangsu satellite TV the latest trailers exposure underground workers focusing "small" life Tencent entertainment news the day before, by Zu Feng, Wang Ziwen, Cao Zheng, Ni Hongjie, You Yong, Xiao Han starring spy big emotional drama "double" press conference held in Beijing the play will be announced in September 29th, strong landing Jiangsu satellite TV, a tribute to the national day. Prior to this, "double" has been in Shanghai, Shandong Qilu news channel, Chengdu channel a news channel, Anhui TV channel, two sets of Shaanxi city channel has broadcast, attracted widespread attention and gain a super reputation. It is reported that the play by Jinyingma film, gold film, good wind Guoan investment jointly produced by the well-known producer Yang Li surgeon, directed by Mou Xiaojie, new female writer Joe Bing pen. Offbeat war thriller drama focusing underground "small" life is different from the previous "gloomy tension" Spy Drama, "double" hit "the most down to earth life, Love Spy Drama" background of the eve of the founding of a sea change in the new Chinese under the life of the double perspective to show the party underground workers the "small" life, spy burn brain and easy ridicule coexist. The strength of the actors, Zu Feng and Wang Ziwen as a budding actress of identity opposition a couple of agents Peng gang and Wu Peixin, the couple married two to deal with the problem of small in the flames of war, in addition to small household affairs, trifles, due to different position, the contradiction is also a touch of a hair. Cao Zheng’s agent Deng Hanshan Zu Feng and senior KMT in the work against each other, in life is love, is different from the past, the drama in the show Deng Hanshan side of the cruel indifference, but also shows the face of their loved ones when the softer side. It is worth mentioning that the Spy Drama "double" first "concept of modern China bestie good into play," Ni Hongjie plays Xiao Jing Wu Peixin is a good bestie, always help Wu Peixin successfully resolve her and Peng Gang between husband and wife "war" and in any emergency situation always stand beside Wu Peixin. She also ridicule, the most love is not her husband but Xiao Jing Wu Peixin. Actor Xiao Han plays Peng Gang Hong Ling completed the first dangerous task again in cooperation with Peng Gang, it has also become a cause many conflicts between husband and wife Peng Gang in a fuse. The small office looks big, at home and in the selection, multi-faceted human nature to be fully demonstrated, this is the "special double", the new upgrade is made of spy war drama. The 929 Jiangsu TV Premiere of the latest film exposure triggering strong expectations it is reported that the "double" broadcast on terrestrial channel after viewing an ultra high reputation, also announced in September 29th, landing in Jiangsu TV, instantly sparked enthusiasm and expectation of users. Recently, the first official release of the latest film rhythm, heavy suspense, large tracts of both visual sense and further enhances the sense of expectation. Watercress users evaluation of the play, "" double "is this year best spy drama, conscience works", "the teacher was Zu Feng ring powder, stood Zu Feng and Wang Ziwen of the CP, Sina micro-blog users evaluation of the play," not only the Spy Drama tension, and family drama warm. The family identity conflict become the drama aspect",".相关的主题文章: