The "Star" in the Huang Xiaolei space to create stunning composite a big show of dancing entertainment – Sohu Huang Xiaolei led all open dance mode   Sohu entertainment news the evening of November 15th 22:00, Huang Xiaolei joined the private space "articles change it in the" Star home transformation, high demand for designers to fancy standard transformation. In the face of new challenges, designers still deliver the goods, the spatial transformation discovered the new space turned their hot dance floor, to make sense of design with high requirements of Huang Xiaolei even praise "cool". The utility of Queen Liang Lili reconstruction light luxury space DIY hand made the big eye-catching, "Lady wind" Huang Xiaolei came to the scene, by telling the flash marriage funny details and humorous words successfully became the audience happy; but on the demand brought the transformation of their own, but Huang Xiaolei played for designers, not only hope after the transformation of the space have to sing and dance and other entertainment features, more needs to contain high difficulty demands rest area transformation space. Face to the conflict function into the difficulty of transformation of the same space, thoughtful designer Liang Lili shot again, with the title "two character", the black and white collocation, red and green in two sets of visual contrast color perfect, red leather sofa collocation crown green soft sofa, light luxury. Obviously, the golden ornaments lamps will modern wind space to be strengthened, and specifically for Huang Xiaolei made of the "L" symbol lamp is show ingenuity, let whole space in the background light entertainment atmosphere very beautiful. In addition to the design effect of senior, Liang Lili did not forget the practicality of space, not only the cabinet can be disassembled, meet the people’s needs more space, more will double hidden in the three-dimensional Beijingqiang poker elements, powerful features make Huang Xiaolei very stunning, frequently exclaimed "bad bad bad". Designer Liu Wei Huang Xiaolei stunning creative space show second hot dance Liang Lili reconstruction light luxury space designer Liu Wei not to lose the battle, as the school designer, Liu Weiyi shot on the stunning four. The entire space to Huang Xiaolei’s love of poker design elements, bold use of red and black collocation, create a warm Vintage space. Not only full of sense of design, the more of the details have great originality, crown shape, seat chair rhino personalized 108 Zhang Baizhi hand, let the space characteristic, perfect remodeling originally cluttered living room. Even more amazing is that in order to meet the demand for Huang Xiaolei entertainment, Liu Wei also cleverly create karaoke system, not only the specially designed wing type huge sound, more clever hide button, a second open hanging microphone, make the space variable KTV seconds. Did not think of daily living can have the same design, causing the audience amazing surprise, Huang Xiaolei couldn’t help singing dance, open mode, lead designer host open PARTY, hi the audience burst. K song can dance to rest, Liu Wei color design not only won the favor of Huang Xiaolei, the more popular with the users point of praise: "such a perfect space, go completely do not want to come out". Once again, the two designers have experienced the power of design. This season’s show.相关的主题文章: