Turn the car over a cliff and the driver of the pet dog All is well. a sedan from Chongqing after a U shaped bend, suddenly out of the road, about 30 meters high cliff and falling off in the four round, the air dry ditch at the foot of a mountain. When people are worried about the safety of people inside the car, a miracle happened: the driver kicked open the door, climbed out from the car, there is a safe car with a pet dog. It was a traffic accident in the south in October 31st. Yesterday, the Chengdu Chinese commercial news reporters learned from the traffic police department, after a preliminary judgment, falling cliff driver in the curve caused by speeding. Miracle occurs, in addition to the car get a certain buffer in the process of falling, finally falling point channel, also plays an important role in the protection of the cab. In the process of falling car cliff, the car airbag has been opened, the driver played a very good protection. The place is located in the Provincial Highway 101 in the South County Bei Yuan Zhen to a place called Yingzuiyan place. On the morning of 2, the Chengdu Business Daily reporter visits the scene of the accident found that the car that day falling in drains, still there are many scattered auto parts, the canal is about 2 meters wide, the other side is about 70 degrees slope cliff. "That woman does not seem to have a big problem, that is, the forehead was a bit of skin trauma, from such a high place to fall, it is really a miracle." Witnesses Mr. Wang told reporters recalled that after the accident two days, the driver has also repeatedly returned to the scene of the accident, hoping to find a lost dog, but to no avail, "may be hiding up". Chat, the driver also told Mr. Wang, when the turn was to step on the brakes to slow down, but mistakenly stepped on the accelerator, so the speed is very fast, rushed out directly." But this argument has not been confirmed by the traffic police, Chengdu Business Daily reporter tried to contact the driver fails to succeed. Chengdu Chinese commercial news reporter Wang Chao photo coverage相关的主题文章: