West Lake cinema the fastest return next year how many people want to Be There Or Be Square and she is about to be removed by the end of 2012, West Lake cinema. In order to leave a mind, this reporter came to the theater to play back, took this old projector. There is a cinema in the memory of everyone. Or childhood memories of growing up, or romantic love sweet memories. In Hangzhou, the cinema of West Lake may be the cinema in your memory. This seat was located in the western end of the cinema sea level, is one of the oldest cinemas in hangzhou. Since opening in 1939, accompanied by the people of Hangzhou has gone through 73 years. January 1, 2013 zero, it finished the last movie, and say goodbye to the audience. Yesterday, the evening news reporter from Hangzhou City lakeside headquarters learned a good news: as of October 2016, the main structure of the lakeside three project basement is nearing completion, the plan basically completed in November. Currently, mechanical and electrical installation works steadily, is expected to be completed by the end of 2017 and put into use. That is to say, is expected before the end of next year, the three phase of the lake with the new West Lake cinema, back to our sight. Gorgeous after the transformation of the West Lake cinema area of more than 3 thousand square meters, the theater will be set up in the hall of the 7. The largest hall area of 300 square meters, the height of 9 meters, it is likely to become the 5D hall after. Often have to take pictures of the old Hangzhou to take pictures of their memories of the young West Lake cinema is a master Zhang (a pseudonym) into the film industry starting point. Compared with many of his predecessors working in a West Lake cinema, his time at the West Lake cinema was not long. However, he has a lot of affection for the cinema. And now the status quo in Hangzhou cinema theater in blossom everywhere is different, their era is a fashionable leisure place. Especially in the last century in 80s and 90s. In 90s, West Lake cinema had 3 consecutive years into the ranks of the top three national theater box office. "Titanic" even put more than and 200, the ticket window stretched out 50 meters, has been turned into the Dongpo road. In 2003, the West Lake cinema to adapt to the development of the industry, began to change, a hall of more than 1 thousand and 500 people into the small hall of the 7. However, it is gradually showing her age". "Though the cinema pattern has changed, but due to the limitation of decoration, its own conditions, its competitiveness has been significantly lower than behind the new decoration of the bright younger generation." However, it is such a slowly began to decline in the cinema, Hangzhou people have been reluctant to abandon it. Master Zhang impressed, West Lake cinema Gate North, in winter, the wind is very cold. He can often see such a scene in the theater door: some old faces, free to come to the theater look around, some will come up with the camera pictures. Enthusiastic staff came up and asked, "do you watch movies?" Some of them subtle smile, waved his hand and went away. But after a period of time, will come again. Some will open the chatterbox, chatted about the past. "When we were in love, we used to come here to watch movies." This.相关的主题文章: