Wowkie Zhang: I don’t really fit when the host, not qualified [Abstract] when it comes to replace OD as "every day" hosted by Wowkie Zhang, self rating: "not a particularly qualified host". "Summer sweetheart" Wowkie Zhang cut: boutique with intensive expression package human brain. Tickets are hungry beat "summer sweetheart" Wowkie Zhang Tencent entertainment news (Wen Qian also has been in business 17 years commissioning editor Lei Yuzi) Wowkie Zhang recently turned variety old driver, together with Zhang Han, Bosco Wong, Li Weijia, Zhang Dada, turned to help seniors broadcast "appeared in the" summer sweetheart "program. Is honey who is called "mother" Wowkie Zhang interview with reporters yesterday in the "summer sweetheart" scene, once again responded Wang Sicong questioned his own plagiarism, "I feel quite good fun, because he’s not doing this". And revealed that he had intended to respond to Wang Sicong again, I would like to give him an accompaniment, the opportunity to sing a song". Young female anchor talk show, Wowkie Zhang heart to give advice, "I do not suggest that women in the entertainment circle so early. If you want to be a little less ". At the same time when it comes to replace OD as "every day" hosted by Wowkie Zhang, self rating: "not a particularly qualified host". I am not suitable for the host, not particularly qualified appeared in front of reporters Wowkie Zhang, looks a lot thinner. "I lost 20 pounds. Last year, I took part in the adventure with Baer, may be scared". Nevertheless, more and more variety show since then came to the door, Wowkie Zhang also made a host of "every day". For host Wowkie Zhang, the audience comments, praise is also controversial. And in the face of the views of the audience, Wowkie Zhang responded that sometimes I was (recorded program) trapped, sleepy do not want to, then say that out". The face of criticism, Wowkie Zhang said "I am particularly grateful to Wang Han, because he has all the pots for me back". At the same time, Wowkie Zhang also follow Wang Han learn to do host. "He will tell me where the interruption. Tell me to at least make it through". For their positioning in the host community, Wowkie Zhang said, "I am not at home. I will not string, do not take the spindle". "I’m not a good host. Because the host is the greatest feature of the lives of others have a strong curiosity. I have no". Wowkie Zhang, "is not a particularly qualified host". For they frequently appear in various variety shows, Wowkie Zhang said, "people look for me, I feel quite to face, cherish. In fact, I joined the line for 17 years, the artist in this industry, you do not know when not, when the line again, which I know which is the last line ah". Wowkie Zhang persuasion "sweetheart" into the entertainment anchor eye not too much in the "summer sweetheart" program, Wowkie Zhang and Zhang Han, Bosco Wong, Li Weijia and Zhang Dada together as co broadcast in the program to help seniors, female anchor. Show the female anchor talk to evaluate each to help seniors live broadcast, you let me on playing the mouth battle. "The biggest change should be the brother John (Zhang Han), before he felt he was very idol burden, and now found that others are very good, very warm heart",.相关的主题文章: