UnCategorized Tampon and napkin vending machines are available in dual and single models. There are various finishing options that allow you to coordinate the machine with other bathroom accessories. You will also find different mounting options which let you choose what will work best with the bathrooms layout. Dispensing machines that are designed for tampons and napkins can be conveniently located without taking up valuable space. Coordinating Tampon and Napkin Units Vending units for sale, such as tampon and napkin dispensers, hold different amounts for various prices. A stainless steel satin finish is a popular choice since it matches many of the other types of bathroom accessories you will find in commercial restrooms. Sanitary stainless steel vending units are also ADA approved when properly installed. However, some models will allow you to customize your equipment by choosing from a selection of colors ranging from white to rose to black. The color laminate options are long lasting and can easily match the color of the bathroom for a cozier atmosphere. Guest Service Vending Vending equipment, such as single napkin vending machines, are available to have installed in commercial restrooms. They will hold individual packets that are conveniently located in the privacy of a bathroom. Bulk vending machines can hold large amounts of tampons and napkins to prevent frequent refills. Ones that lock will prevent those that do not have a proper key from opening the machine and taking the money. The locks allow customers to buy the products when they need it while giving you a secure place to hold the money. Installation Choices A recessed or semi-recessed installation is available from various coin operated vending machines. This gives you many options for where you want to have the equipment installed inside the bathroom. It can easily be installed into the bathroom walls without taking up space. Vending machines will be securely mounted to remain in the wall so you will not have to worry about the apparatus falling and causing any injuries. Convenience for your Guests Dispenser vending machines can include an area for napkin disposal to encourage proper removal. With a designed area that is easily recognized by those using the bathroom, you will have less waste on the floors resulting in a quicker cleaning time. Dual machinery that have a disposal unit can be found in satin finish stainless steel that will last for many years. Customer Choices Dual equipment allows you to have tampons and napkins conveniently located without taking up extra space you would with individual machines. Patrons can easily select what product they want and feed the machine the coins it needs to function. School vending machines allow students from discreetly making their selection in a timely fashion to ensure they do not miss their valuable time in class. A Quality Tangible Investment Large or small vending units are available to give you the size you need that will fit in the accessible wall space. With the choice of recessed or semi recessed options, you are guaranteed to find the design you want within your budget. Coin operated equipment that are made from stainless steel will not nor need to be replaced after a short amount of time. Stainless steel vending machines are even perfect for areas with high traffic. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: